Jose Bautista Rebuttal


A couple quick points disagreeing with Myles post. First of all, he compares Batista to Adam Dunn. The flaw in this is Dunn is one of most consistent power hitter in baseball, while Bautista had one good season. Dunn has hit at least 38 home runs for the last seven seasons. Bautista has hit more than 16 home runs once. Dunn is Coldplay, a consistent hit maker, while Bautista had one good single, like a Billy Ray Cyrus. Maybe we should find Bautista’s daughter and sign her to a big contract, which knowing Rogers, we just might. Without even looking at advanced statistics, it’s easy to see Dunn is worth more than Batista, yet we are paying Batista more.


I agree Myles that we can’t yet evaluate the results, the only thing we can evaluate is how it compares to other contracts and past precedents. Dunn’s deal with the White Sox shows us it compares unfavourably to other contracts. Although, Myles says there isn’t a good precedent, I believe there’s a perfect one. In 1996 a 32 year-old leadoff hitter named Brady Anderson hit 50 home runs for Baltimore. He had never hit more than 21 before and never hit more than 24 again. Davy Johnson at age 30 in 1973 hit 43 homers, had never hit more than 18 before, and would never hit more than 15 again. So while we can’t criticize the results (yet) we can criticize it based on past examples and other contracts. I think we should have waited a few months to see if it could be repeated. Signing a $65 million dollar deal for a .260 hitter who hits 25 home runs is the exact thing that’s mired the Blue Jays in mediocrity. I can’t fathom why Alex Anthopoulos would make a move that will keep us there once again.


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