Really Norm?


Really Norm? I thought you hated all those fickle Maple Leafs fans. You have maintained that the Leafs will not make the playoffs, are not worthy of the playoffs, and are in general a bad hockey team. Now you want to praise them? Their next four games are against the Flyers, Blackhawks, Islanders, Flyers again and Sabres. If they come out of that stretch still 4 points back in the playoffs, then I might change my mind about the Leafs playoff hopes. For now, any rational fan will look at this website ( and see that, unfortunately, this is just another tease at the end of the season, like the leafs love doing. And you can absolutely not convince me that the raptors are a good basketball team. Their star player averages 21.8 points per game and has no other statistics worth noting. He is an awful defender, and does not seem to really care about the fortunes of this team. The first word that comes to my head when hearing Bargnani’s name is “bum.” That is the most apt description of Andrea. Plus, I don’t think people in Toronto are joyous that they won since they won’t be making the playoffs anyway, and most true raptors fans are just interested in getting a high draft pick.

Of course, thinking like this is no fun for a fan of any team, so I’ll just keep illogically believing that the Leafs will make the playoffs, and try to convince myself that the Raptors recent success is a good sign for the future.

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