Myles I believe you missed the point of my post. I said it was nice that we won but I obviously think these teams are severely flawed. My post later today will show why I believe that is the case. That being said, I think you are making the same mistake many Raptors fans make with Bargnani. You watch his seeming lack of emotion and assume that means he doesn’t care or isn’t trying. I would argue that this is his body language. In my opinion, he’s worked very hard to improve his offensive game and has finally learned somewhat how to play in the post on offense. His defense has also improved and he’s become a fine shot blocker. He certainly is not a good defender or rebounder but I believe the reason for this is his subpar leaping ability and lateral quickness. You watch him and assume his problems come from a lack of effort. I believe his body language hides a competitor who will do anything to win. Don’t blame him because he’s not the player you hoped he be, blame Bryan Colangelo for picking him first in the draft.

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