This is Madness


So March Madness has started today, as approximately 100 people watched the opener between UNC-Asheville and Arkansas-Little Rock. A good rule for college hoops is if I have to look up the spelling of the schools, I’m probably not interested in your game. I’m told I missed a doozy from the Associated Press’s article, which referred to this group of games, as “The First Four”. That sentence almost made my brain explode comparing perhaps the greatest weekend in basketball to this corrupt racket. The NCAA has begun to ruin a good thing with these needless extra games. My understanding is the tournament was expanded from 64 to 68 teams for the purposes of getting extra at large bids for large conference teams. This is done to make money, which is college sports primary goal. Because, after all if Clemson can’t make an extra 5 million on book learning, let’s just give them a bid.

The reason everyone watches March Madness aside from having a favorite school is the delightful feeling of picking an entire bracket and seeing it through the tournament. I’m always elated to pick who I think will win every game, and then watch my predictions get crapped all over. Now, thanks to the NCAA bigwigs, there are now games I don’t get to pick, and this is something I cannot abide by. Did you know the NCAA doesn’t even condone brackets, as they are a form of gambling? Because after all, corruption in college sports is okay but a wager is unacceptable. This is from the same minds that thought of the term student-athletes. This hypocrisy is what makes me hate college sports. Needless, to say, after these dumb first round games, I’ll hopefully have all my bracket picks up.

Also, I may as well pick these games if they insist on playing them.

UAB Over Clemson

I’m told they are good and have something to prove. I also remember Clemson going 18-0 to start a season and not making the tournament. I’ll take the unknown over the chokers.

Texas-San Antonio Over Alabama State

Don’t know and don’t care. The Spurs are always good so I’ll go with San Antonio


VCU gave me a great memory when I went down to Buffalo and saw them beat Duke on a last second shot a few years ago. I loved seeing the faces of those smug Duke fans. One of the few things I hate more than Duke is former Raptors coach Kevin O’Neill. His year with the Raptors was a disaster, to the point that my first MSN Screen Name was “Kevin O’Neill is a freaking idiot.” I’ve tried to block him out, as I’m sure have fans in wherever else he coached. As a matter of fact he got into a fight with Arizona fans who once had to bear his antics. That got him suspended for the Pac-10 tournament. Unfortunately, he comes back tomorrow, but fortunately, I can look forward to his loss and his firing in the near future.


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  • your mother  On March 15, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    the student-athletes thing is a great system, it allows kids, who would normally not give a fuck and drop out of high school to push for high marks in order to get into good schools and hopefully make pros. it also gives the school a chance to promote itself which is good for the economy and all the profit made goes to an education based system, which means, the ncaa and often the schools that are playing get money for you watching pointless adds waiting for your favorite young STUDENT ATHLETE to start playing

    • twoguysandasportsblog  On March 17, 2011 at 10:12 am

      I don’t know what your point is. You seem to agree that the players generate a lot of money. If you think college sports causes players to push for high marks, look up the degree statistics and looks up what these players major in. A large percent of the time it’s a sports based course. Such as this one I have no problem with these players getting an education just don’t call them student-athletes. Wouldn’t you agree that an organization exploiting a scholarship’s worth of labour to earn themselves millions of dollars is a little exploitive? Most aren’t making the pros and unfortunately most aren’t graduating. So don’t act like it’s a perfect system it is very good for the universities to make money but it is very flawed for the players. Because that’s what they are being used for their athletic ability not their studies.

  • Adam  On March 15, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    very nice, very nice

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