Southeast Region Picks


Round of 64

1 Pittsburgh OVER 16 UNC Asheville-The only question is, why does UNC get two teams?

8 Butler OVER 9 Old Dominion-I saw this exact matchup in Buffalo a few years ago. The Butler Bulldogs won, had great cheerleaders, and they will do both again.

12 Utah State OVER 5 Kansas State-Two Kansas State players quit the team late in the season. That is not a good sign.

13 Belmont OVER 4 Wisconsin-I have just about had it with Wisconsin playing 40 point games. For the good of basketball, get rid of them Belmont. There’s always one crazy venue where both underdogs win. The announcer always says, “This was an absolutely wild day in (blank)!” Look for it to be this one and also the Oakland one from earlier.

6 St. Johns OVER 11 Gonzaga-This is a comeback year for New York hoops, St. John’s keeps it going against a Gonzaga outfit that is not one of its best.

3 BYU OVER 14 Wofford-Premarital sex, or no premarital sex, Jimmer Fredette can beat Wofford by himself. Is Wofford even an actual school, or a sound a dog makes?

10 Michigan State OVER 7 UCLA-Two of the biggest schools in basketball meet in a highly rated first round matchup. Kalin Lucas is a man on a mission after last year’s injury and will not be denied. (I’m rationalizing all my MSU picks)

2 Florida OVER UCSB-I think Santa Barbara is where Charlie Harper lives on Two and a Half Men. I don’t think all that partying is conducive to basketball, although it may be to March Madness.

Round of 32

1 Pittsburgh OVER 8 Butler-I wouldn’t mind if Butler won this one, but I can’t pick them just because they were good last year. They’re not that team anymore. (Don’t mention that I’m doing exactly that with MSU.)

12 Utah State OVER 13 Belmont-I hear Utah State is very experienced. Bobby Knight tells me experience is very good, so I suppose I’ll go with them. Stay in school, student-athletes.

6 St. John’s OVER 3 BYU-BYU receives penance for its misdeeds. Speaking of which, did anyone else see them politely clap during the selection show when all the other schools went crazy? Try to loosen up BYU since I don’t think your tournament will be lasting long. St. John’s should give BYU images of something they never want to see joy and celebration.

10 Michigan State OVER 2 Florida-Because Tom Izzo is the best and he will not bust my bracket by winning this year. He’ll probably just bust it by losing. But Florida’s overrated and played in a porous SEC Conference. I’ll take Big Ten over SEC any day this year. Will they still call it the Big Ten now that they’re taking two extra teams? What about the Big 12? I think it’s time I stop asking questions.

Sweet 16

1 Pittsburgh OVER Utah State-Something tells me Pittsburgh will flame out before this. One number 1 seed does every year. I’m expecting it to be Kansas, as it usually is. So, I reluctantly pick Pittsburgh yet again. Does the fact that I’m a Steelers fan oblige me to support Pitt?

10 Michigan State OVER 6 St. Johns-A banged up St. John’s team loses as Tom Izzo and Kalin Lucas are embarking on one final magical run. Let’s hope it ends better than last year for Lucas.

Elite 8

Michigan State OVER Pittsburgh-To me, this and the Southwest were the weirdest regions. I picked Michigan State because they are the only team that has done it in the past and also has the coach and personnel to do it again. If they actually pull this off, I assume it would win me my bracket and I think I may build a Tom Izzo statue in front of my house. Long Live the King of Basketball. (If he loses-Screw you Tom Izzo.)

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