I Hate TSN


I loathe you TSN. Over the course of today I missed all the great finishes due to school, which is not The Sports Network’s fault. However, the telecast I have been subjected to very much is there fault. First of all they’ve advertised for the same few sporting events I don’t care about. They’ve promoted this downhill skating thing called Crashed Ice, which isn’t even a sport. Actually, what am I saying that looks awesome, assuming that it’s a contact sport. This really should be an Olympic event. They then keep promoting this MLS game between Toronto and Vancouver. They want me to believe that Vancouver is the soccer cap of the world and Toronto FC is a model franchise. If those things are true, then Libya is a model democracy and Tripoli is the freedom capital of the world. Congrats Gaddafi, I would sooner watch you than this game. Speaking of freedom there was a long ad for Stephen Harper, who TSN has informed me is turning this nation around.

Now, all these promotions would be perfectly fine so long as they showed the games. Instead, I was treated to Jack Armstrong and Leo Rautins discussing Canadian players instead of the start of the second half of Michigan State-UCLA. Because after all how could I enjoy an event like March Madness without thinking, “Gosh, how on earth does this relate to me as a Canadian? Please, TSN stop the games and have Jack and Leo tell me about all the Canadian players.” Then, of course they did a lengthy NHL update because since I’m a Canadian, the NHL must be like cocaine, and I need my fix. Here’s an idea TSN, I’m on your channel to watch basketball, don’t show me hockey, if I want to watch hockey I’ll change the channel. You paid a lot of money to telecast this tournament, so show me the tournament.

The other thing I don’t like is that my picks are getting creamed in these late games, as all four are losing by double digits. Other than that, it was a great day of basketball in spite of my bracket and TSN. Now, I’m going to have to go to bed and hope tomorrow is a better day. Perhaps, I’ll dream of the good old days when The Score had the rights to the telecast.

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