Kentucky-WVU Thought


-Are there two coaches more corrupt than John Calipari and Bob Huggins? Those are two guys who if I found out had been paying players I’d be satisfied. Both just look like they’re up to no good with that slicked back hair. Calipari’s been investigated at every school he goes to and then weasels his way out of a punishment by leaving. He had to vacate Final 4 appearances at UMASS and Memphis (soon to be Kentucky’s Elite 8 last year as well). SI had an interesting article about how everyone hates him for no good reason. Here’s my reason: he cheats and then he leaves before he can be found culpable.  Huggins also has an interesting habit of leaving schools for better opportunities, getting fired at Cincy and leaving Kansas State after a year. He wears a tracksuit to all the games, and one of my rules is to never trust a man in a tracksuit. Of course, him and Calipari are the best of friends.

-I found it fascinating that Bob Huggins inserted Jonnie West with five minutes left to go. Jonnie West, the son of Jerry West, hadn’t played all game. Huggins called a timeout specifically to insert him and even the announcers knew what was going on, saying he was put in to shoot. He bricked a jumper and pathetically airballed a three point shot. He looked almost overmatched. Now, I don’t claim to be a West Virginia basketball expert but to me it seemed as though something was up. His father was the greatest basketball player in West Virginia history, and was known as Mr. Clutch. It almost seemed as though Huggins hoped that would rub of on Jonnie. Now, I’m sure Jonnie is a very good shooter and he seemed to have a good attitude. However, I felt there were people who would have been better suited to take those big shots and have plays run for them, such as Joe Mazzulla. I’m a little dubious as to whether Jonnie would even make West Virginia on talent alone, let alone close out big games. One of my favourite things about sports is that talent is usually the ultimate determination of who gets a chance, not who you know or who your father was. Lebron James, whose father abandoned him, gets the same chance as Peyton Manning, regardless of who their fathers are. Recently, it’s become tough to look at sports this way. The Raptors General Manager’s primary qualification is that his father used to be Owner of the Phoenix Suns. It seemed as though Jonnie West’s primary qualification is his father was one of the greatest shooters anyone ever saw. I question as to whether Bob Huggins making an assumption based on that fact cost West Virginia a place in this tournament.

-Please TSN keep calling this soccer game tonight, “The Battle of Canada.” Everything with them is a battle for Canada. I look forward to seeing a lacrosse game promoted in very much the same way in a couple of months. Also, please Leo Rautins please talk about all the Canadian players. We’re so insecure that we need you to assure us we have a place in this tournament.

-I’m not sold on Brandon Knight as a pro prospect. I know he had 30 today but he had 2 last game. If he can’t consistently put the ball in the basket for a college team where he’s the number one option and playing against inferior talent, I find it hard to believe he’ll be a consistent NBA player. At least for a little while.

-This was yet another loss for me, just about dooming my hopes in this tournament. (Screw you Bob Huggins. And Calipari, I look forward to your recruitment of Brandon Wright being investigated.)

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