World Series Prediction

Myles Dichter

The way my predictions work, the following would be first round playoff matchups:


Phillies vs. Cardinals

I think the Phillies will take this series, though it will go the distance. Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday make life difficult for the Phillie Phour.

Phillies in 5

Giants vs. Rockies

No more magic here for the Giants, as the Rockies hitting in Colorado is too much to handle.

Rockies in 5


Red Sox vs. Tigers

No-brainer here. Red Sox overpower the Tigers and former catcher Martinez to taake this one.

Red Sox in 3

Rays vs. Rangers

Rematch of ALDS last year, which the Rangers took in five. Life is a bit easier for the Rangers this year, as a solid dose of hitting and pitching wears down the young Rays and Ramon (Ramirez/Damon. It works for Pronk, so it can work here!).

Rangers in 4

And the conference series…


Rockies vs. Phillies

The Phillie Phour (this is going to catch on, I promise) runs into the same problem in Colorado as the Giants did, and the Rockies continue their stellar run into the World Series. The Rockies actually have pitching too, between Ubaldo Jimenez, Jorge De La Rosa and Huston Street closing out games. They are a team to watch out for.

Rockies in 7


Red Sox vs. Rangers

I just think the Red Sox are too good to lose to a worse version of themselves. Seriously, these teams on the surface both have awesome hitting with questionable pitching. Difference is that both the Red Sox hitters and pitchers are better.

Red Sox in 6

Your World Series…

Red Sox vs. Rockies

In a rematch of the 2007 World Series, the Rockies and Red Sox face off for the right to be crowned world champions. This is a great series between two very potent offenses, in two of the the most hitter-friendly ballparks. In the end, I believe that the free agent signings/trades beat out the homegrown talent, and the Red Sox win one of the best World Series in years.

Red Sox in 7

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