A Brief Note on Basketball Hipster Culture

I wrote enough about the new-wave of basketball enthusiasts becoming more and more a part of our NBA life last week. But my theory came true recently as ESPN columnist and ESPN TrueHoop Network writers each came together for their respective groups and formed their own MVP ballots. The mainstream ESPN columnists picked Rose as an overwhelming favourite earning 27 of the 35 votes for MVP. Hipster candidate Dwight Howard got a measly two–even finishing behind the Rihanna of MVP candidates in Lebron with four votes.

Dwight had the hipster blogger vote the second he put on those glasses.

Now let’s move on to the TrueHoop network filled with amateur bloggers who come up with witty domain names and even wittier sub-headings on their sites (for example, “Too Ignorant to Know, Too Arrogant to Care”…). These people are all about those deep analytics and of course, picking a non-mainstream candidate. You guessed it, Howard got more first and second place votes than Rose. It’s amazing the kind of divide that exists between these mainstream writers and the hipster bloggers.

(A sidenote: ESPN broadcaster Jack Ramsay picked Manu Ginobilli as his MVP. I guess we can equate Manu’s MVP candidacy to the loud noises you hear from your neighbours’ garage band.)

To continue, how weird is it that two groups of people–that follow the NBA very closely–have such differing opinion on the MVP race? It’s really odd but it fits my theory very nicely.



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