Some Quick MLB Thoughts and a Cup Prediction

Myles Dichter
  • The big story of the season so far has been the Red Sox. Huge money poured into their team, and ownership gets rewarded with a 2-10 start. This team is openly worried, by the admission of Big Papi. That being said, I think this team turns it around. No way Lester and Buccholz are that bad, plus Beckett look like himself.
  • Tampa Bay isn’t looking so hot either, especially without Longoria. Their pitching also has to come up huge for them.
  • Texas is for real. That lineup is something from a video game.Their lineup 1-5 today is Kinsler, Andrus, Young, Beltre, Cruz.
  • Not to brag or anything (I have the Red Sox winning the WS), but my pick of the Rockies winning the NL pennant is looking good, with them being 11-2.
  • Jorge Posada has 5 home runs this season. He has 7 hits total. Where did that come from? Derek Jeter, on the other hand: .250 avg, 3 rbis. I understand the notion that the Yankees needed to keep their captain-they did-but I don’t understand the notion of paying an aging shortstop $17m a year to “lead the team”. In year 3 of this contract, I would not be surprised if Jeter was doing some sort of DH/SS platoon type-thing. I guess if you’re the Yankees you can stomach a bad contract time to time. (Sidenote: love how the Red Sox went after Jeter. Just a smack to the face of their rival. Can you imagine if he had signed? The Steinbrenner clan would have been rattled).
  • Kila Ka’aihue (if someone knows how to pronounce his last name, please, tell me) was supposed to be the breakout player, rookie of the year in the AL. He went for $17 in my roto league. So far, he’s batting under the Mendoza line with a homer and 5 rbis. Guess its tough to be a sleeper if you’re expected to be one.
  • Under the radar though, the Royals are 9-4. Who knew? By the way, in my AL preview I said that they are the only sports team in Kansas City. Credit, Alex Rose, I forgot about Matt Cassel and his Chiefs.
  • Not sure what to think about the Jays at this point. I do know a few things however. Jo-Jo is a huge no-no. AA, I plead of you, send him to the farm team in Las Vegas. He’s downright awful. Jose Molina is awesome. Low-pro, he’s a decent hitter and he’s great with young pitchers, from what I can see at least. I hope the Jays re-sign him in the offseason-he’s so valuable (same goes for fan fave Johnny Mac). Also, Brett Lawrie is hitting .441 in Triple-A. This guy has to replace Edwin Encarnacion. They’re saying he didn’t make the team because of his defence, well Encarnacion’s nickname is E5. For those who don’t know baseball terminology, that signifies an error on the third baseman. If you like E5’s bat so much, then dump Juan Rivera. Just get Lawrie to Toronto.
  • On a non-baseball note, even though it’s late, I figure I’ll post my Cup picks. I have Washington over Vancouver in 7. I know, lame. But here’s the thing. The Caps have reinvented themselves as a team that is very good on defense, plus they have Semin, Backstrom and the Great 8. They are hot going to the playoffs. Good defence+Good end to the season=Success in June. Its that simple.
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