Lottery Disaster: The Aftermath

I just don’t have the patience to punch out a full discussion over what happened tonight. It was like a stomach punch and then another stomach punch and then you telling the guy who just stomach punched you twice to stop but you have no breath left and he says “What was that? Another stomach punch? Sure!”

So here it is as concise as I can make this…

1. It was over once they introduced Dan Gilbert’s son. Here’s a positive story. Cleveland got destroyed in The Decision and they send the ultimate “here’s the face you turned your back on, Lebron” kid to represent them at the lottery and he wins. Love that storyline so I’m happy for the Cavaliers even though I yelled at my TV after the Cavaliers won that the lottery was rigged (and I’m not a conspiracy theorist).

Right after I took a deep breath and took off my tin foil hat, I was happy for the Cavaliers. First and foremost, for Nick Gilbert but then after for Dan Gilbert. His odds to fulfill his prophecy of winning a championship “before the self-proclaimed King” just became exponentially better—albeit still minimal. Nonetheless, I’m all for the Cavs winning a championship before the Heat and Gilbert taking the microphone from David Stern and just yelling and screaming the absolute most bitter and resentful tirade in the history of national television. Go Cavs!

Mark Jackson: HAND UP, MEN DOWN!

2. Kyrie Irving just went from legitimate possibility to “Don’t you mean Jan Vesely?”. This is depressing because I’ve been praying for Irving to land in a Raptors jersey all season. I would watch games and be satisfied with the Raptors not finishing a play, or turing the ball over in a crucial moment because “Kyrie won’t let us do that next year”.

3. As much as this draft is bad, I’m thankful we tanked this year. By tanking we gave ourselves a very good safety net. As much as fifth overall is a disappointment—we lost a lot of games this year to ensure that this was as low as we could finish (we did have a small chance of ending up 6th but you get the point). So, a disappointment? Yes. But does this prove tanking is wrong? Absolutely not.

4. David Kahn is already looking to trade 2nd overall pick. Wouldn’t it be great if Ricky Rubio had a veteran Spanish point guard to mentor him?

I have a feeling this man will lead us back to the lottery

5. I might be on the Kemba Walker bandwagon now. Walker has the biggest home-run potential out of everyone in our range (maybe Brandon Knight has a bit more) and will still be an NBA player in 8-10 years. In a bad draft, I’m looking for a home-run and Walker might be it and isn’t your typical high-risk, high-reward guy. I think he’s fairly low-risk. His worst case is probably a good energy backup guard.

6. I’m starting the countdown. 365 days until next lottery. After the Draft it will the next important date on the Raptor calendar. Pull up your boot straps, Raptor fans—we’re in for another head scratching, grey-hairing, face palming season.

But hey, maybe we’ll get a top pick, right?

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