I hate Dwyane Wade

No, I don’t have to like Dwyane Wade. As a matter of fact, I loathe him more than just about anyone in the NBA. That is because there are constantly people telling me I can’t hate Dwyane Wade, because he plays hard and didn’t leave his team. As though agreeing to play in Miami with no state tax makes him Mother Teresa. Not only was that not good enough, he had to get Lebron and Bosh to join him. I always suspected that he was the manipulator, the one who controlled the Big Three. Take a look at this video, where Wade says he first was really coughing, and he knew the media would blow it up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGkqZlAbqkU. First he mimics Dirk Nowitzki coughing, which I urge you to watch because it is interesting how he leads and Lebron follows. Then he pulls the five-year old defense that Dirk isn’t the only one with the cough. You know what Dwyane, we’re not all the idiots you take us to be and we don’t buy this bullshit. Really, you and Lebron synchronize your coughs? Then it was the media’s fault for blowing the story up, because you never do anything wrong it’s the media. And when those stupid referees don’t give you every call. Or when Brian Cardinal lightly bumps you. Its must be tough being Dwyane Wade. Hell, I feel bad for him, but I have an approach that may have helped him. Just say that it was a joke, and as a matter of fact you don’t like Dirk. I have no problem with animosity. But to get your two followers to join you, to put your head down and only try to score every play in the fourth quarter (which isn’t helping Lebron play well), to take us all to be idiots, I hate Dwyane Wade. I also hate how he relies on the referees and milks his injuries. I’d love to see Dirk limping into the building tonight as a joke. Let’s go Mavs!

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